Hoëk Labs Overnight Semen Shipper

Hoëk Labs Overnight Semen Shipper

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Product Details

  • Rated for 24 hour shipping.
  • Cut costs on large traditional shipping boxes.
  • Keeps semen collection cool and safe for overnight transport.
  • Re-usable aluminum container
  • Can be shipped back to the sender.
  • Semen can be transported.
  • A fraction of the cost for large bulky shipping boxes.
  • Semen extender sold separately.
  • AI Kit Sold separately.

Hoëk Labs Overnight Semen Shipper includes:

  • 1 x Thermometer
  • 2 x 50 ml Graduated Vials

  • 2 x 10 ml Graduated Vials

  • 2 x Ice packs

  • 1 x Aluminum Canister Transportation shipper
  • 2 x  Cardboard box

  • 1 x Thermal padded

** Extenders are sold separately.

Efficient and Reliable Transport Solution

When it comes to transporting biological samples, such as semen, ensuring their optimal viability for successful use is paramount. The Overnight Shipper by Hoëk Labs is designed to meet this need effectively. Our advanced transport system is crafted to maintain the integrity of delicate samples during transit. Specially designed containers with insulation and temperature-regulating features work in tandem with cooling elements to safeguard the viability of the transported material until it reaches its intended destination for further use.


Place collection into 10 ml graduated vial

Place 10 ml vial into 50 ml graduated vial

Freeze ice packs 6 hours prior to shipment

Place collection back into canister with both ice packs with thermometer

Place canister into Aluminum cooler bag.

Place Aluminum bag with collection into your preferred shipment box and ship collection overnight to your client.

Scientific studies have indicated that shipping a larger volume of dose and subsequently separating the supernatant through centrifugation upon arrival can be notably effective.

However, please ensure that the receiving facility possesses the necessary capacity to appropriately manage and carry out the centrifugation process.



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