Mothers that aren’t producing milk

give a shot of oxytocin. For this one you will need a vet! Or purchase the meds online but most places you will need a prescription.


“oxytocin can be used for Labor induction or to stimulate milk let-down & much more. Oxytocin 10IU 20ml Oxytocin dosage: 1mL/50 Ibs. Not to be given less than 30 minutes apart and should not exceed more than 3 doses. For milk letdown: given once every 24 hours.”



4 egg yolks
1box Heat & serve vanilla pudding mix
1 cup of goat milk
1 cup probiotic yogurt
Half a cup sugar
3 tables spoons Breeders edge Calcium powder
1 table spoon nutrical
1cup water

Mix and make into a pudding

a Serving is 1 cup on a paper plate give sparingly throughout the day until you run out of the mixture