How to give Subcutaneous fluids (Sub q Fluids) in dogs, puppies & stop Dehydration‼️

If giving subcutaneous (under the skin)
Remember Dogs/Pups need 30cc's per pound of body weight daily!
You should give half in the am & other half in the pm
(Example a 5 pound puppy would get 150cc/ml daily. So you would give 75cc/ml in the AM and another 75cc/ml In the PM.)
If Giving Intravenous (in the Vein)

How to calculate IV flow rates:

Intravenous fluid must be given at a specific rate. This rate is measured as milliliter per hour (ml/h) or drops/minute. Only “drops per minute” are used to control or adjust the flow rate.

Common drop factors are:

10 drops/ml (blood set), 15 drops/ml (regular set), 60 drops/ml (micro-drop).

To measure the rate, we must know:

  1. The number of drops
  2. Time in minutes.

The formula for working outflow rates is:


3000 ml IV SalineA ubiquitous sodium salt that is commonly used to season food. It plays an important biological role in maintaining the osmotic tension of blood and tissues. is ordered over 24 hours. Using a drop factor of 15 drops/ml, how many drops per minute need to be delivered?

This information is similar to that used by the Committee on Clinical Investigations, Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, CA; Baylor College of Medicine, Dallas, TX; and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Institutional Review Board, OH. These charts were adapted by: Rhona Jack, Ph.D. Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center Laboratory, Seattle, WA in August 2001.

Approved by CMRC IRB on 9/18/06


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