Deworming Puppies 101

Dosage Chart for Pups, Using Pyrantel Pamoate(50mg/ml)!


This dosage chart is only for pyrantel pamoate(50mg/ml) and the brand we use and recommend. other brands come with different dosages which if used incorrectly can harm your dog. If you plan on using this for a adult dog. Then i would consider checking out our page on DEWORMING DOGS 101. Read Here...

Pyrantel Pamoate Suspension: Only removes roundworms and hookworms. 



  • -This is one dose for one day treatment
  • - Weigh the dog/pup first
  • -check the first row for their weight
  • -use 3rd row to find correct dosage
  • -Treatments need to be done at two to three week intervals
  • -Example: a 5lb pup would get -0.46 ml's(about 1/2 of a mL)
  • - Example: a 22lb dog would get 1 full mL 
  • Remember pups under 5lbs require higher dose than pups more than 5lbs. That's why the dose gets higher in the 3rd row for pups under 5lbs.

There is 50Mg of Pyrantel Pamoate Per 1mL


 other brands usually contain only 4.54mg of pyrantel pamoate per ml. make sure to double check which you have.


Best Size Syringe To Use:

- Use a 1ml/cc syringe for puppies and adults up to 22lbs (1mL/100 UNIT SYRINGE)

-Use a 3 ml/cc for dogs over 65lbs

-Use a 5ml/cc syringe for dogs over 100 lbs

-1mL also equals 1cc

You can buy syringes here for proper measurement when administering it!


Puppy Health Checklist

(know when to give deformer to your puppies with our chart in the link below.)


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